Monday, 6 June 2016

Origin of Alphabets

Nrittya avasaane Nataraja Rajo, Nanaada Dhakkaam Nava Pancha vaaram |

Uddhartu kaamah Sanakaadi Siddhaa Netadwimarse Shiva Sootra Jaalam ||

Translation: At the end of his (celestial) dance, the king of natyashastra (i.e. the Supreme god Shiva), sounded the Dhakka (Damaru - his famous two-sided drum) 9 and 5 times (i.e. 14 times). ... This (he did), in order to to grant salvation / enlightenment * to Sanaka and other siddhas (basically the four Kumaras - sons of Brahma born out of his mind) ... and thus weaved the net of shiva-sootras (the Varnamala).

This is a famous Sootram - also called the Maheshwara Sootra - and is attributed to Paanini - the ancient sage who is credited for building the grammar of the Sanskrit language.

The story goes like this: When Brahma decided to commence the sequence of creation, he first of all created four Kumaras (see Jaya and Vijaya) by just having a wish in his mind. These were Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara. They were all embodiments of pure qualities. Brahma created them so that they could help in the process of creation. But they were so pure - almost child-like - that they had no idea how to go about the business of creation. They also refused to take part in creation, thinking that the lowly mode of reproduction was not for them.

When Brahma found that the four Kumaras are not interested in the purpose they were supposed to be interested in, but are rather happy in learning knowledge and siddhis (yogic powers), he got angry and asked Shiva to help them understand life and its purpose better. Shiva, who is erotic in the nine worlds below and an ascetic in the five worlds above, played on his drum 9 + 5=14 times, representing the paths to be found in all the fourteen worlds and thus provided enlightenment to the yogi Kumaras.

These drum beats are none other than the seed mantras (sounds) of Sanskrit alphabets **:

1. A I Un.
2. Ar Al Uk
3. E Ong
4. Ai Ouch
5. Ha Ya Va Rat
6. Lan.
7. Nga Ma Jna Nna Nam
8. Jha Bhany
9. Gha Dha Dhash.
10. Ja Ba Ga Da Dash
11. Kha Pha Chcha Ththa Ththa Ca Ta Tav
12. Ka Pay
13. Sha Shsha Sar
14. Hal

And that is how the alphabet came into existence!

Since these 14 varnas i.e. alphabets came out of Shiva himself, who has no death, these varnas are known as Aksharas (deathless). The jaal (net) that the Supreme God knitted is called Aksharamala. They are also called
Chaturdasa Vidyasthanams (The First 14 places of knowledge).

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Thillai Nataraja Temple Chidambaram

Legend has it that upon the request of

  1. Patanjali (an incarnation of Adi Seshan) and 
  2. Vyagrapadar (the sage with tiger claws), 
Shiva Parvathi re-enacted the Dance of Bliss, to the accompaniment of music played by the celestials. All of the Devas and Gods are believed to have gathered here to witness this grand spectacle.





The Temples: Govindaraja Perumal's shrine faces east, while Nataraja's shrine faces south



The Lord gives darshan in three forms - standing, sitting and reclining posture.
Sri Parathasarathy perumal and Sri Chitrakootattilullaan (Utsav Moorthis) and Sri Govindaraja perumal


Sthala Puranam


After 8 years of R & D, Western scientists have proved that at Lord Nataraja 's big toe is the Centre Point of World 's Magnetic Equator. Our ancient Tamil Scholar Thirumoolar has proved this Five thousand years ago! His treatise Thirumandiram is a wonderful Scientific guide for the whole world.  To understand his studies, it may need a 100 years for us.

Chidambaram temple embodies the following characteristics :

1) This temple is located at the Center Point of World 's Magnetic Equator.
2) Of the "Pancha bootha" i.e. 5 temples, Chidambaram denotes the Skies. Kalahasthi denotes Wind. Kanchi Ekambareswar denotes land. All these 3 temples are located in a straight line at 79 degrees 41 minutes Longitude. This can be verified using Google. An amazing fact & astronomical miracle !
3) Chidambaram temple is based on the Human Body having 9 Entrances denoting 9 Entrances or Openings of the body.
4) Temple roof is made of 21600 gold sheets which denotes the 21600 breaths taken by a human being every day (15 x 60 x 24 = 21600)
5) These 21600 gold sheets are fixed on the Gopuram using 72000 gold nails which denote the total no. of Nadis (Nerves) in the human body. These transfer energy to certain body parts that are invisible.
6) Thirumoolar states that man represents the shape of Shivalingam, which represents Chidambaram which represents Sadashivam which represents HIS dance !
7) "Ponnambalam " is placed slightly tilted towards the left. This represents our Heart. To reach this, we need to climb 5 steps called "Panchatshara padi "
"Si, Va, Ya, Na, Ma " are the 5 Panchatshara mantras
There are 4 pillars holding the Kanagasabha representing the 4 Vedas.
8) Ponnambalam has 28 pillars denoting the 28 "Ahamas " as well as the 28 methods to worship Lord Shiva. These 28 pillars support 64 +64 Roof Beams which denote the 64 Arts. The cross beams represent the Blood Vessels running across the Human body. 
9) 9 Kalasas on the Golden Roof represent the 9 types of Sakthi or Energies. 
The 6 pillars at the Artha Mantapa represent the 6 types of Sashtras
The 18 pillars in the adjacant Mantapa represents 18 Puranams.
10) The dance of Lord Nataraja is described as Cosmic Dance by Western Scientists.